Mid-day updates from Team OTO

Dear fellow innovators,

We hope you guys are having fun with creating prototypes! This is a brief update from the Team OTO on how our first working day went and what are we up to today!

January 25th, 2015.

Anshuman briefed us on the basics (to bring the non-medical background people up to speed!), starting with the structure of ear, different ear infections (technical term: Otitis Media) and what are the goals of this exciting one week!

Our group aims to improve the current model of otoscope, the imaging device used for ear inspection, especially for the eardrum (technical name: Tympanic Membrane) and make a wearable digitized otoscope.

We started working on alpha one prototype.

Materials: Otoscope, Telephoto lens, headphones Webcam and other instruments for doing all sorts of jugaad.

The day passed with assembling these devices to make an imaging system, which can collect and digitize images for better visual understanding of the infections! Also, drilling and soldering headphones for creating the wearable.

Here are some images from team in action and end results of the day!


Otoscope with Telephoto lens


First prototype with the camera attached! Can be used for taking pictures of the eardrum on the computer!


Headset wearable in making.

January 26th:

Krishna and I are working on the second prototype, improving the aesthetics of the wearable and also including a more flexible speculum (the part of the otoscope that goes in the ear for inspection). It’s coming along pretty well so far. CAD modeling to go! We also just finished the design for the wearable headphone model for the first prototype!


Assembling the second prototype!


Neeta is working hard on the UI aspects of the design and making it more user friendly and comfortable! 🙂 There have been quite the discussions and debates about this all day!


Neeta’s UI genius! 🙂

Manu is busy with understanding image processing basics for analyzing the images collected from the first prototype! I’m also trying my hand on it in between putting and pulling parts apart.

January 27th:

We have our first working prototype all assembled well! Woooohooooo!


DONE!! Alpha prototype!


It’s a wearable otoscope.

I had some great insightful discussions with Dr. Rajiv Gupta about image processing and additional design modifications which we’re trying to incorporate in the second prototype.

Currently working on the flexible nozzle (speculum) for the otoscope! Neeta and Krishna are discussing the design for the prototype to make it more user-friendly and comfortable!


Discussing how to make the wearable more comfortable.

More updates later! 😀

This is Surbhi Hablani signing off for on the behalf of Team OTO. Good luck to everyone! 😀