Dental Imaging Project – Graphical User Interface (GUI)

We at the Dental Imaging Team have made a wonderful Graphical User Interface for the processing of the images that we obtain of the teeth and tongue.

We have a video of the GUI in action uploaded on YouTube

TL;DR version (along with hyperlinks to related topic posts on the blog)

The Main Menu:

Gum Detection:

Read more about how we detect gums here.

Caries Detection and Classification:

Read more about how we were able to remove most of the teeth and gum regions leaving us with segments which are potentially caries here


We also have an option for the dentists to help us gather more information to help us in the classification of caries. Read more about this here


Stitching of Images:

We are using ASIFT to stitch the photos together.


Tongue Segmentation:

The tongue can be used to study the hemoglobin levels in the body, multivitamin deficiency and other diseases of the tongue. You can read more about how we do tongue segmentation here

tongue_1 tongue_2

Detection of Reverse Smokers Palate:

For someone having a reverse smokers palate (they put the burning end inside the mouth not the filter end), the hard palate is going to have some blistering and swelling of the salivary glands.


Individual Teeth Segmentation:

Read more about how we segment each individual tooth from the image of multiple teeth here. Using this we can track the health of each individual tooth.


Live Caries demo:

For the live caries demo please look at the video here(it’s basically the one present atop of this post).

The Team:

about_usHyunsung Park (Instructor)
Avi Singh, Ujjwal Baid, Sri Raghu Malireddy, Meghasyam T, Ashish Bora, Ashray Malhotra, Pratima Mokashi, Samriddh Hada