Meeting with Dr. Sandesh Mayekar


Along with the discussion of the work we did in this camp,we also discussed the the future scope of our project with Dr. Sandesh Mayekar.

We spoke about how our work in this camp can go to the next level to make it big and make a breakthrough in the dental industry.


We got to know that precaries detection is a major issue as when precaries sets in , the chemical composition of the tooth changes, and also the reflectance of the tooth also changes which can be used as a motivation for our future work.

And also that doctors blow air to make the tooth dry, and then check the reflectance of the teeth. But for the end user (normal people) the tooth is always covered in saliva. And if your saliva is acidic, then it will form an acidic layer on your tooth and provide shelter to bacteria.

One of many interesting facts he shared with us were 80% of 9 year old children suffer from caries(According to his survey of 5000 children which he conducted in a school in Chennai)


Tooth has 5 sides (one to cheek, one to tongue (labial), two to the either side of the neighbouring tooth and one the chewing side).We should build our product in such a way that we can focus on all the sides as it is especially important to detect the caries in between the teeth.And it is enough to look at the teeth which are most prone to caries (not all the 20) to get the results for training as suggested by the doctor.