2nd prototype!!!! Yup, Team OTO is awesome :)

Hello innovators,

This is Surbhi checking in on behalf of Team OTO (yes, we changed our name, Otomatic is apparently a war tank).

Discussions with Dr. Gupta got us thinking about future modifications to the device and we decided to add an air pump to our prototype. Why so? Well, wouldn’t it be cool to see how eardrum reacts to puffs of air? Precisely, that’s why! Plus, that would be a very valuable output medically too 🙂

Besides this, yes, stressing over the presentation!

Checking the prototype!

Checking the prototype!

Presentation stress!  (Foram, thanks for dealing with it!)

Presentation stress!
(Foram, thanks for dealing with it!)


Anyway, I hope, amidst all the stress, trips to Starbucks and Krispy Kreme have helped! 🙂


Good luck for tomorrow. I know, everyone will kick ass!

Team OTO